24 March, 2008

Rust Gown II

Ok, so I went to Mother's this Saturday past to work on the gown with the assistance of her sewing machine. Much progress was made!

I successfully finished the corset. It is done. The beast is finished! A total of 30 man-hours were spent stitching the bloody thing, and the thing isn't even the very best it could be. But oh well. The next one I make will be better. However, for a first attempt I'm quite proud. The final product is only three layers thick: One layer of duck cloth and layer of cotton with cable ties as the bones. A second layer of cotton was laid over the duck cloth's facing side, giving the finished, smooth front.

The eyelets are (I believe) aluminum or a steel/aluminum mix.
Photobucket Photobucket


I'm quite proud of myself. All by hand too. Owie.

With Mother's assistance, and the sewing machine, the skirts are done as well. Both of the skirts were nearly done when I got there Saturday morning, but the edges were unfinished, and I got some help there. Mother also helped with the laying of the top skirt and the hemming of both.

This picture is of the stitched topskirt over the finished bottom skirt. We were trying to make sure that the split fell right, and some darts needed to be removed. (My hands are over the waist because the hasps weren't on yet. I still had to hold it up.)


This shot is after the darts were removed, the edges finished and the hasps put on.


This is a close-up of the hasps, though I'm not sure if they are H/A or not, they will be covered by the bodice, so I'm not too worried, but they look pretty! (Sorry, the picture's a little blurry)



Now all that's left to finish is the chemise and the bodice!

Mother is actually helping me quite a bit with the chemise, doing most of the actual machine work. I cut and pinned all of it from lovely handkerchief weight muslin, very light and soft, but because I was so behind on the corset, she volunteered to do the machine work on that. Very nice of her.
It's actually almost done:



And now it's on to the evil little demon that is my bodice. At this writing, I've drafted the pattern, and started stitching the first layer onto the core of duck cloth. No pictures yet, but I'm getting there, and I'm considering having the straps be laced on, rather than attached, but I'm not sure yet. As it's drafted, they're attached, but that could always change.

Wish me luck. My deadline says I should be done with the beast by Friday night. Heh. Like I said, wish me luck. Pictures will be posted when it's done, and when I'm at the event where it gets it's test run, at which point, I'll be going over just what flaws cropped up.

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Lady Val said...

Wow! You did a great job on your corset. I can't imagine sewing all that by hand. The skirt looks lovely as well. Can't wait to see more!!