15 March, 2011

2 years later.

So, I just realized that I had completely forgotten about this blog...And I fully intend on using it again. But, for anyone reading this, here's an update!

In January of '09, I moved out of my apartment and into a house with my boyfriend-at-the-time. My sewing helpers moved as well, and learned how to co-habitate with two dogs, a pot-bellied pig, and now a hedgehog. They aren't thrilled.

In the summer/fall of '09, I had the opportunity to work/perform at two different Ren Faires, and while I enjoyed both experiences, I must say, I'd rather attend and have my online sales support the habit. :)

In summer of '10, I married my high school sweetheart and housemate, Matt. He's fantastic, and fully encourages my Ren Faire behaviour and sewing addiction. He also is a bit of an enabler of my yarn addiction.

About a month ago, now, I rejoined my favorite online community after a period of absence, and am slowly re-joining the Ren community, as funds allow.

My commission load is still minimal, but I'm trying to get more word of mouth and more exposure so that my work load will grow. I'm bored, people! Gimme somethin' to do! :)

And a couple weeks ago, I finally set up my etsy account! Cara Greenleaf Designs is now on Etsy. Unfortunately, nothing up for sale quite yet, but definitely in the next couple weeks!

New photos of my current projects and finished projects to be posted soon!


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