16 March, 2011

Elvis III, Ep 2 - Pt 1

So, today has been tons more productive than yesterday in regards to Elvis III. So far, the blue lining has been patterned and cut, and now it's onto the white fabric. I will hopefully be able to update later this evening with the happy news that the fabric is cut and the two parts are together. That's my goal for the day. *fingers crossed*

Here are two shots of the Muslin:

This is the best shot I could get of the lining fabric. Unfortunately my camera doesn't show the true color very well. It's a few shades darker...think Royal Blue, with less purple.

The two back pieces of the Muslin laid out on the blue lining fabric. This shot is a better color sample. This is actually quite close to the final color scheme...The ivory buttersuede that Mark and I decided on ended up looking nearly white.

The collar bands and the godets laid out on the lining. The final result is hopefully going to have a white outer band on the collar with a blue facing. Also, a small blue godet in the center back across the shoulders as my "workspace" is *very* broad-shouldered.

So far, all the blue is patterned, as is the white. Haven't taken photos of the white fabric, but it's done! *le sigh* Tomorrow the plan is to put it all together! Haven't gotten the lining attached to the outer fabric, but by the time I was done with the pinning and cutting, it was already dinner-time and I was losing my source of natural light. The curse of using a picture window as my primary light source. :(

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