18 March, 2011

Elvis III, Ep 2 - Pt 2

Here we are, the night before the show, and all I have to do is put in the zipper and stick all the pieces together. The fringe was an ungodly nightmare, I must say. Honestly, the only reason I'm typing this instead of dealing with the zipper is because I've been at this since 10 AM, and I still want to throw the thing out the window! But, alas, I can't. But enough with the babbling: to my work!
After much debate and many suggested and rejected ideas, my roommate Katie and I finally came up with the best solution for attaching the fringe. After laying a full-length piece of stitch-witchery where the fringe would lay, we started cutting and placing, using a smaller chunk of stitch-witchery every 8-10 pieces and pressing it to seal. This method ended up being the best solution ever! Happy mistake! It ended up being tons more adherent through the leather suede lace than we anticipated and only one zig-zag stitch over the length on each side was necessary!

The left side is done, the right side is close (can you tell we were near the end of the spool?):

A close-up shot of the left-side fringe. Is it just me or do the colours stink of Evel Knievel? :P

The next impossible task was the zipper. To create the smoothest finished edge along the front (and anticipating the grommets that will be added last), I opted to stitch the lining to the front, right sides together, then fold it back, creating a nice, smooth finish. I also ended up choosing to layer the zipper inside the fabric pieces in an effort to continue the smooth finish look already achieved above the fringe.
Additionally, my machine was originally my grandmother's. She gave it to me when she unearthed it in the process of moving. I've not really had a good chance to play. So when I discovered 24 stitch pattern cams, a little piece of me has been screaming to try them. So I did. I used a simple, but nice-looking, cam to add a little flair to the zipper line of the jumpsuit. If you look at it closely, you can tell that I'm still learning how to maintain my speed to keep a steady width/length of each segment. But from a distance it looks really cool! As an added bonus, I used inverted thread colors in the needle and bobbin, so it's blue on white on the front and white on blue on the back! Fun! :)

And a Close-up:

Now pushing 15 hours of work today, I'm finally into the last few stages!
The inseam is finally stitched; I say finally with such emphasis, simply because I fell victim to one of the most common sewing errors: I patterned two of the same leg. And didn't realise it until now (1.30 AM Saturday). Geh. Nearly an hour wasted un-stitching, re-patterning, and re-stitching...before I could even start pinning the inseam! Hopefully, though, this is the only major fail on my part and the rest of this project is smooth-sailing. (Fingers crossed!)

After fixing the issue with the legs, it was time to finish the crotch and stitch the back shut. The last 2 jumpsuits I've made for Mark had similar issues. He is very broad-shouldered. So my dear friend Katie (remember her? stitch-witchery lady? yeah...she's awesome) suggested adding a 6-inch long, 3-inch wide dart in the top center of the back and then box-pleating it under the collar, thus creating a nice dart of blue in the white of the buttersuede and allowing more motion for Mark during the show. Stitched in and pinned into place, this is what it looks like:

So, what I've still got left is to stitch the shoulders, attach the collar/neckband, attach the sleeves, put in the godets in the legs (the bright colorful things that make the wide-leg pants into "bell-bottoms"), hem the pants and set the grommets. If I get up at 7, I should be fine. As long as I don't dilly-dally. :P But, I find myself now staring at a clock that says 2.13 AM. I'm fried. Any more sewing tonight will end very badly for everyone. I'm giving up. A quick 5 or 6 hours of sleep, then it's back in for round 3!

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