19 March, 2011

Elvis III, Ep 2 - Pt 3

And into Part, the Third. It is 10 of 8, and I have less than 13 hours to finish. So...here we go!

*NOTE: Today's chapter of Elvis III will be updated as I go, and posted at the end of the project, or the end of the day, whichever comes first!*

The shoulders are so deliciously easy. Pin. Stitch. Done. YAY! Don't even need pictures.
However, the sides were a little more difficult, as I had to additionally stitch in the godets at the calf. They went in pretty easy, but of course stitching a triangle into a straight seam is always a little funky.

Geh. Finally! Turns out, (fail number 2, for those keeping track) I forgot to pattern the neck facing for the collar. So that slowed me down quite a bit...Also found out that I didn't have the proper sized setting tools for the grommets. So after a short jaunt to Tandy Leather and Panera for lunch, I got back to work. And after some patterning, ironing and stitching, the collar is done!! Took quite a bit of arranging and ironing and cursing...and some blood (damned pins), but it's done! :D

When I first started this project, the first thing I stitched were the sleeves. So all I need to do now is attach them at the shoulder. Which is pretty much a matter of fitting them into the hole, stitching them and turning them right side back out. So, easy-peasy! We'll see, though, right?

Turns out that, yes, the sleeves were indeed easy! YAY! I had to add a box pleat and a couple of knife pleats to allow Mark enough room to move his arm, but my machine went through it just fine!

Just before the eyelets went in, I had to quickly hem the legs. I have to say, I'm not happy with the thread, but I didn't really have time to switch out and load a new bobbin for the 18 or so inches of blue. It ended up looking fine, but perfectionist that I am it bugged me a bit.

So, the worst fail of my work on this project, I must say, occurred during my run to Tandy earlier today...(remember? to get the eyelet setter?) Well, as it turns out, one should always double-check the size of the setter on both the wall and the package. I read the label on the wall, it said "5/16 eyelet setter". I assumed that since the manager was in the middle of stocking that wall, it would be right. So I paid for my item and went about my day. Well, when I finally got around to setting the eyelets, I discovered that the setter and the eyelets didn't quite fit. After much trial and error, I looked at the damn package and read "1/4 eyelet setter". Luckily however, I'm a corset maker. I scrounged my relatively large collection of grommets, eyelets and setters and found a matching set that worked. But the panic in the interim kinda sucked.

Unfortunately, I ended up working down to the wire, so there is no final photo of the jumpsuit that I could take in the "office". But look for the next post which will feature the suit in action!

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