15 March, 2011

Elvis III, Episode 1

So, I find myself beginning the enormity of making and finishing the third Elvis jumpsuit for my friend (and now roommate) Mark.

The first was successful as far as it held together and looked ok, but in my eyes, it qualified as a fail. It was only partially lined in the sleeves, and the fabric that we used ended up being sort of see through. Not enough to really show anything, but rather, you could see every seam; and the decorations (conchos) were handstitched at the last minute and looked a bit haphazard, as you can see below:

The second was far more successful, but still not perfect. The outer fabric was a basic cotton bedsheet, which ended up being even more see through than the previous jumpsuit, so we decided to have a full-body lining of red satin. Great in theory; horrible in practice. The lining didn't move the same way as the outer fabric, and as any good fabric-person knows, didn't breathe worth crap! The rhinestones and the eyelets set into the cotton looked fantastic, but were an incredible pain in my arse. And once again, I ended up working down to the wire. The final results:

I would like to mention that the last-minute scrambles WERE NOT MY FAULT! Frikkin' Elvis delayed me until the last minute with late fittings and shopping late....So. To fix this problem, when he approached me regarding this third installation of an Elvis jumpsuit, I made it very clear that these last-minute situations wouldn't happen anymore. I needed more time. Well, it's happened again. Not his fault though, I have only myself and a bum hip to blame. I found myself unable to walk comfortably due to an increasingly stiff and painful hip, and knew there was no way I could possibly pattern. Once the ache finally subsided and I got the fabric and assorted add-ons, I find myself at today. With only 3.5 days left, I have to pattern, assemble and finish the third jumpsuit.

I am feeling a little better about this, as the muslin has been fitted and trimmed down, the fabric has all been pre-washed and pressed, and all I've got in the way of adornments is some fringe stitched into the front. But, once I have a chance to sit down later this evening, I will post the second episode of this jumpsuit, and the status at that point in time.

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