20 March, 2011

Elvis III, Episode 3 - The show


Three days of frantic patterning and sewing. Three days of headaches, sore fingers, cursing and dehydration from drinking too much coffee. Three days of limited sleep, frustrating fringe, and hammered fingers. But....


So here are some pictures from the show!
Right side shot, with purchased belt:

Back shot, showing shoulder dart in action:
Left back side shot (and me off to the right!):
Front shot, second set. He was dying from heat, but then again, we all were a bit warm:

Toweling off with a satin scarf:

Singing to his mom, Nancy. She's such a huge fan and he always brings her to his show:

She loves coming out the bars to see Mark perform!

So! What do you all think of the suit?

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