16 March, 2011

My new sewing room, and how it transforms

When I moved into the house with my then-boyfriend Matt, I put all of my sewing on hold to focus on working at Faire and building our relationship. Also, the way our house was set up, there really wasn't a good place to set up. All the rooms are full of clutter, stuff, and people. We are lucky enough to have a 3-bedroom house with a living room and a family room, as well as an office and 3 bathrooms. Great house, right? Well, when Matt got his pot-bellied pig, he walled off a portion of the family room and filled the other half with a couch and entertainment center. That was a fine idea at the time, until that room (known as the back room)
became the landing zone for all of our crap that had no where else to go. Upstairs, there was a lovely little 8x9 room, but honestly it's too small. My sewing stuff eventually all landed there, but it just wasn't comfortable.
When it came time for the wedding, I decided that I was going to make all of the bridesmaid's dresses, as well as my own. So I enlisted the use of the "Black Room" (nick-named that when it was painted black by a former roommate, and though now painted white, still retains the moniker). Which was fine, until 2 days ago when Mark moved in. Katie now has moved back into the Black Room and Mark has taken the Grey Room next door. Which left the little room or the back room. Well, Matt and I had decided (since he hadn't used the room for nearly 2 years) that the large furniture stuffs in that room were going to go into the garage sale and moved all but the couch out. 6 months later, he and I have finally started moving me and my stuff into the back room and started the process of converting it into my full-fledged sewing room.

So, yesterday, I built the bookshelf that Matt and I bought months ago and set it up in my new sewing room... :D

In addition to finally building (and filling) my new bookshelf, I also finally got around to hanging up the important bits from our wedding...The group photo of us and our wedding party, our marriage license, and my bouquet (made by my Matron of Honor):

More changes! I've recently acquired (read: Hancock Fabrics was throwing them away) a bucket-style thread holder and a pattern cabinet. So I had to do a little rearranging and now all of my patterns and random bits of thread have new homes! YAY!

Also, remember the giant pile of crap? Yeah, that's getting organized today! Can't stand the jumble of junk and crap and other various shite that has collected in a pile to one side. It gives me limited space to work and it looks bad. So I'm fixing the problem by cleaning it, organizing it and sorting it. 
Not much work will get done today on projects, but I'm hoping that by the time I'm done organizing, I'll have twice as much room to work! 

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