18 May, 2011

M'Crack Skirts, Pt II

It's time for the Green! HUZZAH! As mentioned in M'Crack Skirts, Pt I, I'm making an overskirt and a double-layered under-skirt. Well, now that the black skirts are done, it's on to the green/white! The green fabric you've already seen, and I've told you about this beautifully shadow-patterned white fabric:

I'm starting by doing what I should have done from the very very start: patterning my base onto felt. I've already used the tissue base about a dozen times and it's only taped in 3 places right now, but I'd rather call it safe and just felt the primary pieces. As much as I've adjusted the waistband, felting that particular piece isn't totally necessary, especially since I just use it as a guide anyway. So, felting first!

I must say, it really is a nice feeling one gets when upcycling the most hideous and unusable curtains into a gorgeous, functional skirt! The fabric is lovely, but as curtains? Blech! and not at all functional as curtains either...entirely see thru! The longer I work with the material, however, the more I hate it! It's a mesh more than it is a fabric, it stretches, and it hates to lay right! Geh!!

Huzzah, huzzah! The body of the white is done! Now onto the much less irritating green cotton. :-) I anticipate the green being much easier to work with, simply because it's the same as the black. (M'Crack Skirts, Pt I) I loved working in that material, so nice and non-stretchy!

As expected, the green is so much nicer to work with, a lovely reprieve from stretchy crap!

I must say, though, as light as both fabrics are, I am surprised at how heavy the combined skirt turned out to be! Don't get me wrong, it's not uncomfortably heavy, nor unwearable, but it is decidedly heavier than expected.

The waistband was interesting. I found that it didn't like going on as well as I thought it would. With my previous experience with the combined skirts, I was adding a drawstring, so I was able to leave an opening above the skirt panels and make a casing. However, I'm not tying this skirt off, but rather lacing it shut in the back, so I brought the waistband closer to the skirt fabrics. I didn't measure right, however and was left with a bit of a tail on the back side. Instead of bruising my fingers and tearing up the fabric by ripping it all out and re-pressing the waistband and re-stitching it all, I just added a second row of stitching inside the waistband and a third with a "stitch in the ditch" just under the folded portion of the waistband to hold down the back flap.


So, after some debate, I decided to take a shorter hem on the white skirt than on the green, that way I won't do too much damage while wandering about Faire. I'm looking at taking a 3/4" first hem, then a 1" deep hem over that. Meanwhile, I'll probably end up taking a 1/2" then a 3/4" inch hem on the green.

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