18 May, 2011

New Corset, Final Stage

After much debate, I've finally made a decision on the exterior fabrics! (New Corset, Update)
I've finally chosen to go with both sides of the corset being tapestry fabric. It helped that upon further debate and discussion with roommates and sewing buddies, it was determined that the tapestry would be sturdier and last longer than the suede. But no worries, I'll find a use for the suede!
As I sit on the couch sewing the back layer of tapestry fabric by hand and watch Gangland (I know...but it's fascinating to me...), I've been puzzling over the binding and my decision to use single-fold bias tape. I'm now torn between the bias tape and using embroidery floss and the button-hole stitch to make the edging. The decision however, seems easier. Based strictly on the functionality, a bias-edging will be sturdier and last longer. So it looks as though my decision has been made for me!

So after a nice trip to visit family in St. Louis, the tapestry fabrics are on! HUZZAH!! Now to see if I'm lucky enough to use my machine to attach the binding. My hopes are high that I'll be able to use my zipper foot to attach the binding via machine and save me bu-cu amounts of time!

After a little stress and a lot of praying...my hopes were in the right!! My machine can handle the thickness and stitch the binding on!! HUZZAH!!

Also, I've found that I can run the bottom edge of the tabs as well as the center point on the corset on the machine as well. Which has saved me a ton of time. After I finish that step, it's off to the couch to hand-stitch it all on!

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