18 May, 2011

Wedge Foot Pillows

So, a few months ago I saw a commercial for homeopathic foot pillows. They are wedge shaped pillows that sit behind your feet in bed and lift the blankets off of your feet. Ideal for people who have foot problems or sensitive feet. I thought to myself: "These would be perfect for Dick [my stepfather]". He's had foot problems for years, and the worst part of his day was trying to get comfortable under the blankets at night. According to my mother, it's become a half-hour ordeal for him to get settled in bed now. So this wedge pillow was ideal! There was only one problem - They cost $50!! $50 for a freakin' wedge of foam wrapped in fabric.

So I sat down and decided that I could make that. Just need the foam. Well, hell! I know where to get foam from! and I've got some nice flannel fabric that needs a home. Why not?? Well, my husband and I went to Hancock fabrics and found the perfect foam - nice and dense, but still light weight, and in a 15x15x15 block. No problem, I'll just cut it to size! Heh, yeah right.

Cutting the foam has proved to be a challenge. Not insurmountable, mind you, but still a challenge. 4 knives and lots of light green foam dust later, it's done!

So, now the puzzle is what is the best way to cover the pillows, such that the covers are easily removed for washing? After some debate, I think that three seams down the sides at each angle, an attached right side and a zippered left side will be the best. Two sides of the left-side triangle will be zippered to make it easier to remove and replace the pillows should Mom or Dick wish to wash the casing.

(Don't let the apparent grunge on the fabric throw you...That's part of the pattern!)

So here we go!
It's actually proving easier to do this than anticipated. :) Always nice, right? After piecing it all out, I ran into some trouble fighting with the two Y-seams in the corners and with the zipper, but after much cursing, re-pinning, and re-stitching, it is done!

[Image - finished]


Katie said...

I hope that Dick appreciates the hard work you put into this!!! and I think you did a darn good job:)

Rejoice said...

How did you maintain a flat cut over the 15x15 surface?